The Best Way to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise The Best Way to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise

Booze Buddy is specifically designed to help you sneak alcohol on a cruise.  You can use Booze Buddy Flasks to sneak wine, sneak vodka, sneak rum, or smuggle any other type of liquor on a cruise ship for your enjoyment.  Our flasks help you save tons of cash on your next cruise!  It’s now 2017, have some fun! We have the best way to sneak alcohol on a cruise 2017. Booze Buddy is perfect for smuggling liquor or wine so you can have a great time!

Know how to sneak your own alcohol on a cruise ship? Watch our video! Our flasks are the perfect way to sneak liquor or sneak wine on a cruise!

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Why Booze Buddy


Our flasks are approved for food grade usage and are designed for sneaking wine and liquor on a cruise or anywhere else you need to smuggle booze. We love our customers and are dedicated to quality.


Booze Buddy flasks are designed not to leak in your luggage when packed properly. Don't be scared! Give us a try on your next cruise vacation!


Our flasks are designed for sneaking liquor and sneaking wine on cruises and anywhere else. Booze Buddy flasks will not affect the taste of whatever you decide to smuggle.

BPA Free

For your safety and piece of mind, Booze Buddy flasks are food grade. We do not use any plastics that are in contact with liquids that contain the chemical BPA.


You can use your Booze Buddies over and over! We've personally taken ours on many different cruises and so have our family and friends! Share your experiences with us on Instagram or Twitter


Our flasks are easily washed by hand, but if you prefer you can wash them in the top rack of the dishwasher. We understand, we totally hate doing dishes too!

Last Minute

We offer rush shipping and can even ship directly to your hotel! The extra cost for the shipping will well outweigh the costs of paying for all of your drinks on board the ship.


Our flasks are designed to be super durable. They are meant to travel with you and take a beating. Please be nice though! Don't hurt our Booze Buddies on purpose, they are just here to help :)

Odor & Stain

Booze Buddy flasks are meant for smuggling your own liquor and wine on a cruise. Our flasks will not stain so you can use them over and over on all your future cruises.


When you're finished with your cruise, you can roll up our flasks for easy storage. Also, when they are full of all the liquor you were able to sneak on the cruise, they stand upright!


FAQ'S and Tips

Why Booze Buddy Flasks?

Trying to learn how to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship? Sneak your own liquor or sneak wine on a cruise with our flasks. Undetectable by cruise security. Booze Buddy flasks are the best way to sneak alcohol on a cruise.  With our flasks not only will you save tons of money, having your own private speak easy will make you tons of friends!

How should I pack my flasks?

To ensure the best odds when sneaking your own alcohol on a cruise ship using Booze Buddy flasks, proper packing is key.  First off, never ever put our flasks in your carry on luggage.  That is a sure fire way to get caught sneaking alcohol on board a cruise ship.  The best way is to put the flasks buried in the center of your checked luggage surrounded by clothing.  To be a real professional pirate you should spread our flasks throughout as many bags as possible.  Give some to other friends and family members who are traveling with you especially if they aren’t in the same stateroom.  Divide and conquer!  The more bags and people with our flasks the more likely that they are going to make it through.  If you put all of our flasks in one empty bag with nothing in it it’s a bit of a red flag.  Be smart, spread them out to as many people and pieces of luggage as you can!

How much money can I save sneaking alcohol on a cruise?

Tons! If you only sneak a 1L bottle onto your cruise you can save over $150! (A 1L bottle makes approximately 23 drinks and a typical cruise cocktail is around $8, and that’s not including tips!)

TIP: Buy your liquor in the airport when you fly out to your destination to take advantage of the savings at the Duty Free shop!  Also, if you enjoy mixed drinks, buying the soda/beverage package aboard your cruise might be a good idea.

Can I sneak wine onto a cruise with Booze Buddy flasks?

You’re here to learn how to sneak your own alcohol on a cruise ship. Our flasks are the perfect way to sneak liquor or sneak wine on a cruise! The more alcohol you sneak on a cruise ship the more you can save.

TIP:  If you have to fly to your departure port be sure to fill your flasks after you land.  Most airlines have strict rules regarding liquids and the weight of your luggage.  Save the extra pounds and buy your preferred wine or liquor from your departure location and fill your flasks in your hotel room before you board the boat.

How do I use Booze Buddy flasks?

Booze Buddy Flasks are designed to stand when full and can be rolled, flattened or folded when empty.

TIP: Freeze your liquor in the Booze Buddy flask to have it nice and cold for your departure day! Be sure to leave some room in the flask so don’t fill it to the top.

Where else can I use Booze Buddy flasks?

They can be tucked away conveniently into pockets, purses, or packs. Perfect for sporting events, concerts, outdoors, the beach, and anywhere else you want to sneak alcohol.
TIP: When cruising, put the small flask in your pocket or purse so you can make drinks without having to go all the way back to your stateroom.

How do I wash my flasks?

Hand washing is easy, just pour a little soapy water in the flask, seal it and shake it.  Our flasks are also dish washer safe, simply rise out the flask, blow a bit of air to puff out the flask, and wash on the top rack of your dishwasher.

How much alcohol can I smuggle with each flask or set?

Good question!  The details of how much liquor you can sneak can be found on our shopping page for each product.

Can I get in trouble sneaking alcohol on a cruise?

If you are of legal drinking age, it shouldn’t be illegal to bring your own alcohol on a cruise. Cruise lines implement policies to prohibit bringing your own alcohol on board because they love overcharging for drinks.  Smuggling liquor or wine onto cruises is only against cruise line policy and should not be against the law.  We can only speak from our own experiences, so if you are concerned with any legal issues, consult local law enforcement to be sure.

TIP: Buy your liquor in the airport when you fly out to your destination to take advantage of the savings at the Duty Free shop!

What are common liquor bottle sizes and wine bottle sizes?

Common liquor bottle sizes:
Pint = 12.68 oz
750ml = 25.36 oz
1 liter = 33.81 oz
1.75 liter = 59.17 oz

Common wine bottle sizes:
750ml = 25.36 oz
1.5L = 50.72 oz

Our flasks come in three sizes; 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz.

TIP: Smuggle more wine or liquor on your cruise than you think you might need.  The little alcohol you may not end up drinking will far outweigh the costs of having to buy drinks on board!

Will the Booze Buddy flasks break in my luggage?

Didn’t you watch our totally awesome video?!  If packed properly, Booze Buddy flasks are designed not to break or spill in your luggage but anything can happen when you travel.  To be safe you can always put the flasks inside a plastic baggie.

TIP: We recommend packing them in the center of your luggage surrounded by clothes.




How much alcohol should I sneak on the cruise?

Not sure how many flasks to bring?  Take more alcohol than you think you need.  The cost of bringing one extra flask, even if it goes to waste, is still much less than purchasing the equivalent number of drinks on board.

TIP:  Spread out your Booze Buddy flasks throughout your multiple checked bags, or even let your friends or travel mates pack one or two.  Don’t put them all in one bag.  This way if they find one bag you still have others sneaking through!

Do you want to know how to sneak your own alcohol on a cruise ship?  Our flasks are the perfect way to sneak liquor or sneak wine on a cruise!

Save tons of money when you sneak your own alcohol on a cruise!