The Best Way to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise The Best Way to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise

How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise | Sneak Liquor on Cruise

Super Sized Cruise Kit

Super Sized Cruise Kit

We are sold out of our large flasks so we will be substituting two medium flasks for each large flask. This translates to more booze for your buck!

All of our flasks are UNBRANDED.  The logos on the flasks are for display only, they will NOT be on your flasks.

This is our largest cruise kit!  It contains two 32 oz. flasks, two 16 oz. flasks, and two 8 oz. flasks and one funnel of course.  With this setup, you can have a pirate bar in your stateroom!  You'll definitely be making a lot of friends with this baby! This cruise kit can hold:

  • One jug handle (1.75 mL) and a different 1 L bottle of liquor (with some left over) and a different pint bottle
  • Three different 750 mL bottles of liquor and a pint bottle of liquor as well
  • Two different 1 L bottles of liquor (with some leftover) as well as a different 750 mL bottle of liquor and a different pint bottle
  • Two jug handle (1.75 mL) bottles of the same liquor with about 8 oz left over (so just add one small or medium flask ala carte)
  • Two different 1.5 mL bottles of wine
  • Three different 750 mL bottles of wine
  • One 1.5 mL bottle of wine and a different 750 mL bottle of wine
  • Don't forget you can also mix and match and take some wine and some liquor with you